Beakapoo Bird Toys offers fun and safe bird toys and toy parts for all size birds. Fantastic Bird Gyms, Sleep tents, boings and much more. Specializing in toys for Conures and Cockatiels.
Bird Toys, Bird Toy Parts, Boings, Swings, Bird Gym, Birdie Tents and so much more can be found in our store.
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Browse our huge selection of handmade toys for every size of bird.
Toys that intrigue the mind as well as the beak!
Ask about customization we will be happy to make something special. We have special toys for feather
plucker's and over preener's too.
Conures and Cockatiels are my specialty!
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September 2014
Fun, safe, quality and long lasting bird toys that's what
it's all about!
Every month we offer at least one new toy to keep our
birds busy and happy.  Birds have a huge need to chew and
play which is normal and healthy.  Exercise is a necessity
for all parrots. They don't get the exercise at home like
they would in the wild.  Toys encourage activity that is
healthy for an energetic and fun-filled life style. We have
vegetable tanned leather, natural wood, cotton rope, and
parrot toys with bells. We have plenty of foot toys and
Bird Gyms to help with coordination that mimics natural
behavior. Is your bird on a budget? Check out the
Toy pages! Bird Gyms are fun and encourage exercise,
something that is very important in our feathered
companions daily lives. Don't forget to browse our selection
boings and swings made with stainless steel wire. Our
swings are special because they can be refilled!  We even
have comfy
bird tents  and birdie tent playhouses that can
be customized as well for the perfect fit and color, there
even large enough for Macaws! Browse our large selection of
parrot fabrics and whimsical prints. For feather
plucker's and over preener's, we have special toys just for
them. If you need help picking the right size product for
your feathered companions send me an
email, or click on
the size chart above.
 *Remember that toy and tent
safety is also buying the right size
bird toy and birdie tent
for your feathered companion.
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