Hi and welcome to Beakapoo.  Our goal is to create the
safest, best and the most fun toys possible. I have 3
Conures Charlie, Mango and Coco and 2 tiels Kiwi and
Jasper.  I specialize in conure and Cockatiel toys and
toys for feather plucker's.  Conures are so playful and
they seem to never have enough toys.  They are
constantly needing to be mentally stimulated like all
birds.  I  have an adopted blue crown conure with a
plucking problem and that makes it even more important
to keep those beaks busy!  After I went through every
toy I could possible find at the regular pet stores and
the local super stores, I was running out of options.  
Not just for any toy but a safe and fun toy.  Thus  
started my search for safe toy parts to support my
toy making addiction.  There is nothing better than
handing your fid a new toy and seeing the excitement in
his or her eyes and body language.  My birds are
spoiled, but whats wrong with that!  They deserve to
be pampered and spoiled its the least I can do to repay
them for the wonderful joy they bring into my life
everyday.   New addition to my flock is my rescued
whiteface Cockatiel named Jasper. We are so happy to
have her, she came from a bad situation but thats all
going to change now.  It's a wonderful feeling to take
in a rescue and give that fid a better life.  I always
like to recommend looking into adoption when thinking of
adding a new member to your flock.   There are lots of
wonderful birds out there looking for a good home.

Little about me Rhonda Jackson 42 interior decorator,
professional artist since 1996 and graphic artist since
2000.   I'm always adding to and improving my skills
which all involve art which is my passion next to my
Beakapoo Bird Toys appreciates your business and is devoted to providing only the best, safest,
products we can for you and your birds. Thank you and please come back.