Folliage,Flowers and Butterflies Cotton Fabrics
Page has lots of pictures will take a while to load
Many solid color fleece for lining the inside of the birdie tents.   If you bird chews tents
nothing I make it out of will stop the chewing.  Tent chewers would do better with an all
cotton tent lined in cotton as well just in case it is ingested.  I suggest not getting a
tent for a bird that chews it.
No One Offers More of a Choice of Fabric!
Quality Tents nothing like the ones you buy in a store once you get one of my tents
home you will be very pleased!
small print different shades of green on the leaves has a black background.
Falling Leaves
Any Size
Leaves On Black
Any Size
Lush Foliage
Any Size
very natrual and pretty
Animal Print
Any Size
Any Size
Rainbow Flowers
Any Size
Large Butterflies
Large and Up
Butterflies On White
Any Size